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Speedball Hard Rubber Brayer Hand Roller

  • 20.00€

  • 25.95€

  • 10cm wide roller
  • Synthetic rubber (80 durometer) brayer
  • Comfortable plastic handle
  • Easy-to-clean with soap and water


High quality hard rubber hand roller for removing air bubbles in connection with Silver Linings panels.

Use these brayers for printmaking, stamping, memory albums, home decor, mounting, and more.

Each plastic core roller is removable from the sturdy plastic one-piece frame for easy cleaning.

The versatile brayer frame is interchangeable with other pop-in rollers and has a convenient hang hole.

Featuring a soft, pure gum, natural rubber roller which provides an incredibly smooth roll-out.

Roller Material: Hard rubber (80 durometer)

Handle Material: Plastic

Size: 10cm

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