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Royal Firebag FB15

  • 33.56€

  • 41.95€

  • Perfect to be used with documents
  • Suitable for safe storage of jewelry and cash
  • Triple Layer Construction
  • 100% Fireproof, up to 650ºC
  • Water Resistant

Not every important document can be stored on a cell phone, computer, or the Cloud.

So, when it comes to fire safety and protecting your irreplaceable, paper-based documents like birth certificates, passports,

property deeds, credit cards, cash, and more from the searing, destructive power of fire, use the Royal FB15 Fire Bag.

The triple-layered construction of this fireproof document bag protects items against up heat up to 650°C.

This  100% fireproof bag is also water-resistant! It securely closes shut with both VELCRO and zipper closures. 

Water-Resistant, Fire Proof up to 650ºC

Triple layer construction

Brand: Royal

Model: FB15

Large: 38x28x1cm

Closures: Velcro & zipper


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