Martin Yale Letter opener 1632

Automatic letter opener for up to 7.000 envelopes per hour. Ideal for medium and large companies.

Martin Yale 1611

The Martin Yale® 1611 Paper Folder is an updated version of the popular 1601 folder. It’s a high-speed folding machine that automatically feeds and folds a stack of documents up to 216x356mm.

Martin Yale P7200

The Martin Yale® Premier P7200 Paper Folder is a low-volume unit designed for home use and small business needs.

Martin Yale Letter opener 62002

Our largest letter opener, ideal for large companies and post offices. High speed: opens up to 17.500 envelopes per hour.

Martin Yale 1217A

The Martin Yale® 1217A Paper Folder provides a conveyor delivery system and preventive jam features, like removable tables and a reversing switch.

Martin Yale P7400

The Martin Yale® Premier Premier RapidFold P7400 is an ideal choice for entry-level paper folding in mailrooms, offices, churches or clubs.

Martin Yale Jogger 400

The Martin Yale® 400 Tabletop Jogger helps eliminate static electricity and paper sticking for easier processing. It is a great accessory for copiers, folding machines, letter openers, folders/inserters, sheet counters, check signers and many other applications.

Martin Yale 2051

The Martin Yale® 2051 SmartFold™ Paper Folder automatically feeds, folds, and collects a stack of documents folded material emerges on conveyor belts, creating easy-to-handle fanned stacks.

Martin Yale 1610 / 1616

The Martin Yale® 1610 / 1616 Letter Opener is ideal for small to medium size businesses. It is compact and takes up very little space.

Martin Yale P6200

The Martin Yale® P6200 Paper Folder is perfect for small jobs, businesses, home oces, churches and associations.

Martin Yale Letter opener 1628

Semi-automatic letter opener for up to 3.000 envelopes per hour.

Martin Yale P6400

The Martin Yale® P6400 Paper Folder is perfect for small jobs, businesses, home oces, churches and associations.

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