• Medium to high-volume perforating and scoring
  • Easily change from perforating to scoring in just seconds
  • Capable of feeding single sheets, coated, multi-part open and glued edged paper

Product Description

The COUNT™ PerfMaster Air V3 is an air-fed automatic perforating and scoring machine that offers 457mm wide feed capacity and runs at speed up to 26.000 sheets per hour. The powerful air feed helps eliminate marking and scuffing on sheets while offering a simple to use, one button control.
The Perfmaster Air V3 offers reliable self-fanning automatic bottom Air / Suction feed, which allows for continuous feeding without stopping. Feed single sheets, coated paper, multi-part and open or glued edges while having the flexibility to quickly change between perforating and scoring.
This scorer and perforator has a small footprint for tight spaces in offices or production facilities. It offers an interchangeable paper caliper that is used for carbonless, open edge forms to premium glossy paper.
Made in USA

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