• Transfer belt feed from Creaser
  • An ideal companion to COUNT™ creasers (FC114, FC114 A, AccuCreaser or EZCreaser)
  • Crease up to 12 locations and 4 perforations per page

Product Description

The COUNT™ KF-200 Knife Folder is the perfect companion to Count creasers, for users who want to add in-line folding of digital media. It’s also compatible with almost any other brand of creasing equipment, offering a micro-adjust feature to compensate for variances in fold settings of creasers from other manufacturers.
The KF-200 is ideal for use in applications with heavier stock and will handle card stock up to 350 gsm where standard buckle folders can’t get the job done. It provides a clean fold without cracking or bending the stock. This machine is equipped with a variable speed output conveyor featuring a unique proximity sensor that detects movement and ensures the smooth even flow of folded paper onto the exit tray.
Made in USA

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