• Semi-automatic hand feed design
  • Touchscreen set up, automatic distance recognition with 11 preset standard creasing jobs including perfect bind covers plus 12 programmable jobs
  • Can crease and perforate in one pass – no need to manually refeed the paper into the machine after creasing

Product Description

The COUNT™ iCrease Pro+ is a robust solution for creasing and perforation of digital media to eliminate cracking when folding. Get all of the automation of bigger COUNT machines in a simple hand-feed machine anyone can use.
The iCrease Pro+ can crease and perf in one pass (no need to refeed), with multiple crease locations and perfect bind covers, with choice of automatic hinge placement or no hinge.
Sheet set up is automatic for 11 types of folds, including perfect binding and 12 custom presets. Perforations are also a snap with 5 interchangeable perf options, including 2 micro-perf options.
Made in USA

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