While the Bindomatic binding solution primarily target the Coroprate/Office in-house binding sector, there are solutions also for the Commercial Print/Graphic Arts/Print house sector that are in need of innovative binding solutions - especially for short run series of documents where traditional hot-melt solutions are both costly and very slow/limited in comparison.

FlexiCut Glue 1

FlexiCut Glue

With the new Bindomatic FlexiCut glue, a print shop can print customized covers in-house and use Bindomatic patented binding technology - the FlexiCut Glue and Binder - to perfect bind the documents. All at a fraction of the cost and process time compared to traditional perfect bind systems.

Flat Coversheets

Sheets of plastic/paper to be used in perfect binding machines. Paper comes in a variety of colours and with or without linen embossing.

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