• Personalised documents for smaller runs
  • Processed in-house and on-demand
  • Digital printer required
  • Sold in 20-packs including pre-formed cover and front sheets
39,80 €

Product Description

Design and create personalised, full-colour professionally looking presentations in-house and on-demand. The exact number of documents - nothing more, nothing less - and all in just minutes!

Bindomatic Design On Demand cover allows you to use any front sheet to print on separately and create a perfect bound document. Use any s/w to create your own original design and print your artwork on the front sheet. Requirements are that the digital printer can handle 210GSM coated paper quality (normal A4 format).
You may print on both front and back of the sheet, making it simple to personalise each presentation.

Simply affix the printed front sheet to the double sided tape found on inside of the paper tab and you are ready to bind your document using any Bindomatic binding machine.

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