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You don't have to take our word for it. These are testemonials that have been sent in by Bindomatic customers. If you have a story to tell share yours.

"The Bindomatic 7000 fits our need for speed and accuracy. We replaced our fastback tape machines with the 7000 Drop&Go technology and are very happy. The machine is easy to use and provides a nice professional look to our presentations and manuals."

— Print Shop Manager at Midwest Manufacturing Company



"The Bindomatic 7000 Drop&Go machine has cut our production time of binding projects in half. The machine is very easy to use and requires minimal supervision allowing myself to focus on several other projects while the binding machine handles the rest. The speed and efficiency of the Bindomatic 7000 has greatly reduced the workflow from printing to finished product. The professional finished product has left a memorable impression on our clients. The customer service that Lisa provides fantastic and she is always available for questions on customized projects. I would highly recommend the Bindomatic 7000 Drop&Go binding machine to any print shop looking to reduce production time and offer a unique product to their clients."

— Print Shop Manager for Midwest School System



"Just by watching the YouTube link I was able to operate the machine.  It was very easy to uncrate and set up.  It is so much faster than GBC punching and binding.  We produce a lot of meeting material and training material and this makes it so much faster.  The final product looks very nice and professional."

— Print Center/Mailroom Supervisor for Midwest Financial Services Company



"Binding is usually one of the last things we do before prospective clients meetings. And oftentimes that means we're in a time crunch to get out the door. The speed and efficiency of the Bindomatic machine saves us time when we're most desperate for it. The machine also enhances the professional look of our presentations and reports."

— Mailroom/Site Manager for Brand Management Company



“Binding jobs that used to take two days are now taking two hours. Drop&Go is easy to use, efficient and fast. The ability to drop your documents and leave to do other tasks—as the machine binds and cools by itself—is a great feature. Bindomatic Drop&Go has cut our production time and cut staff from ten to one person; freeing employees to do other jobs.”

— Business Manager, PS/MS 4, NYC Dept. of Education

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