ECO covers come with a front made of transparent paper instead of plastic and is an option for Bindomatic's Classic, Aquarelle, Aquarium, and Agility covers. 
Depending on product, the papers and cartons used in Bindomatic covers are from sustainable forests and produced in mills that are certified according to FSC and PEFC or EFC Chain of Custody and ISO 14001. Sustainable forests are managed ecologically with biological diversity and sustainability. The papers used are produced with chlorine Free (ECF) pulp and are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.  Bindomatic strives to continuously employ the most energy-efficient transportation possible in delivery of products and services to customers world-wide. Multi-lingual ECO cover Product Sheets as follows:

ECO-Options available for:



With a crystal clear front cover transparency, the Bindomatic Classic cover is available in white, smooth paper quality and in spine widths from 1.5-54 mm. The simple, polished appearance of this cover is always professional.

Documents bound in Aquarelle Burgundy cover


Bindomatic Aquarelle Covers are created with a frosted plastic front, a linen textured paper and are available in a wide array of colours – graphite, white, burgundy, black, blue, dark blue, grey and dark green. The Aquarelle cover series is distinctive and the most popular business application.

Aquarium 1


As the name indicate this cover style comes with a transparent front and rear - in other words the cover reveal the content of both the first and last sheet without the need to open the document.



When stapling is just not good enough...simply add-on the Bindomatic staple cover Agility!


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