The Bindomatic 7000 is an easy-to-use highly productive document binder that practically runs itself. With rapid turnaround speed, this semi-automatic machine is capable of binding a maximum capacity of 300 printed pages per document with a binding speed of up to 30 documents per minute at continuous binding - all in-house and not pressing a single button.

Making a professional impression is easy. Create a perfect bound document with the Bindomatic 7000 using these simple steps:

1. Using the 7000, insert the set of papers to be bound in the automatic cover size selector. The display will show the correct cover spine width to use.
2. Choose your Bindomatic cover and load the set of paper.
3. Insert the ready-to-bind document when the green LED indicator light is lit. Depending on spine width, as many as 30 documents per minute can be inserted.
4. First document out after ~2 minutes and ready to use directly from the out-put tray.
5. You have created professionally bound documents in an instant. Congratulations!


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