Watercolor Sketchbook A4 - Agility Collection

  • 17.95€

  •  Ultra-high-quality 220 g paper
  • No bleeding of the colors to the next page
  • Suitable for watercolor, pens and paints. Also alcohol-based and acrylic markers
  • 70 pages / 35 sheets pH neutral, acid-free, FSC certified

Introducing the latest innovation from Bindomatic Agility Collection: the Watercolor Sketchbook A4.

Crafted with creativity in mind, this new variation redefines the art of sketching and painting.

With 35 luxurious A4-sized sheets weighing 220gsm each, this sketchbook provides the perfect canvas for your artistic endeavors. Whether you're an experienced watercolorist or only exploring Art, the heavyweight paper is designed to handle wet-on-wet techniques, ensuring your colors blend seamlessly and your creations come to life with vibrant clarity.

Designed for versatility and durability, the Watercolor Sketchbook A4 is ideal for a wide range of artistic techniques beyond watercolor, allowing you to experiment and express your creativity without limitations. Its compact A4 size makes it convenient to carry with you wherever inspiration strikes, whether you're sketching "en plein air" or working in the comfort of your studio.

Elevate your artistic journey with the Watercolor Sketchbook A4 from the Bindomatic Agility Collection, where quality meets innovation to inspire boundless creativity. 

Color: Black
Type: Hard cover
Format: Din A4
Finishing: Double Ring Wire
Paper: 220gsm
Pages: 70 (35 sheets)

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