10x15 MagnetPouch - Bindomatic

  • 1.45€

  • 1.45€ / pc.

  • The quick and easy way to create laminated magnets
  • 30 seconds to make
  • Mat Finish
  • Popular Applications: Business Cards, Contact Cards, Emergency Cards, Mini Save-The-Dates, Mail-Out Advertising, Quotes & Crafts, Teaching Tools, Drawings, Car Magnets


Bindomatic MagnetPouches are a unique new product that allow you to create custom printed magnets at home or the office, on-demand. All you need is a quality thermal pouch laminating machine that can handle 10mil pouches and has adjustable heat and speed settings (for best results, your laminator should also have a minimum of 4 rollers), your printed designs, and these unique magnet pouches.

MagnetPouches are extremely simple to use - just like a regular laminating pouch; first, just print your design and place it between the magnet and laminate sheet. Then just run it through your pouch laminating machine, with the pre-sealed edge first. On the other side you will have a quality custom magnet.

These magnetic lamination pouches sheets are perfect for business cards, appointment reminders, mini save-the-date cards, quotes, and so much more. They feature a small border on the pre-sealed side, but are otherwise meant to be flush with your sheet. The glossy laminate finish is great for vibrant photographs, as the gloss helps to enhance the contrast and colors beneath it. DIY magnets are 12 mil thick, with a 3 mil laminate sheet that is pre-sealed to one edge of the magnet. The adhesive on the laminate is a low-melt PET film that activates at about 110° - 120° C.

Magnetic Laminating Pouches

Format: 10x15cm

Laminate Thickness: 12 Mil Magnet + 3 Mil Laminate

Laminate Finish: Matte

Adhesive Type: Heat Activated


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