Martin Yale P7500 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

  • 595.95€

  • Automatically feeds, folds and collects the stack of documents
  • Input tray capacity: up to 50 sheets
  • Fold types are set manually using letters and color coding.
  • Fold types: letter fold, half fold, Z-fold, double parallel fold

The P7500 is the small all-rounder for small mailrooms, offices, associations, etc. that automatically feeds and folds a stack of documents.

Although it is a small machine, it operates at speeds of up to 4,000 sheets per hour.

The feed tray holds up to 50 sheets of paper at a time.

With the manual bypass, the machine folds up to 3 sheets at a time, including stapled sheets.

The P7500 can perform 4 types of folds: Wrap fold, half fold, Z fold and double parallel fold.

The convenient catch tray provides convenient storage of already folded documents.

Model number: P7500

Feeder: Automatic

Sheets/hour: Up to 4000 sheets/hour

Paper size: A4, A5, 215 x 356 mm

Paper thickness: 68 -90g

Dimensions: 33 x 51 x 27 cm

Weight: 7 kg

Fold types: spiral fold, half fold, Z-fold, double parallel fold

Power supply: 230V/50Hz

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