Folder 20' Pack

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Perfect for easy identification and a polished presentation, this pack of 20 folders is your shortcut to organized and stylish document management.

Upgrade your professional game with this vibrant and practical solution.

Folder 20' Pack – a burst of sunshine for your presentations! These Paper Folders, made from 220 g/m² A4 colored paper, are both durable and eye-catching.


A collection of vibrant colored Paper Folders designed to add a touch of brightness to your presentations and streamline your document organization. Crafted from premium 220 g/m² A4 paper, these folders are not just practical but also bring a sense of style to your professional endeavors.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Our folders are constructed from sturdy 220 g/m² paper, providing durability that ensures your documents are securely protected. The robust material maintains its integrity, making these folders ideal for repeated use and presentations that demand a polished appearance.

A4 Size for Perfect Presentations: The A4 size of these folders is tailor-made for professional presentations. Fit your documents seamlessly, ensuring a neat and organized display that exudes professionalism.

Easy Identification: With their distinctive color, these folders make document identification a breeze. Quickly locate your important materials and enhance the efficiency of your workflow with folders that stand out.

Organizational Excellence: Elevate your organizational game with these Paper Folders. Keep your documents systematically arranged and maintain a sleek and tidy presentation that reflects your commitment to order and professionalism.

Convenient 20' Pack: Each pack includes 20 Paper Folders, providing you with an ample supply for various projects, meetings, or organizational needs. This pack is a practical solution for those seeking both quality and quantity.

Upgrade your document presentation and organization with our Folder 20' Pack. The color, combined with premium quality and organizational functionality, ensures that your documents not only look impressive but are also easily accessible. Make a statement with every presentation – order your pack today!

Premium Quality

A4 Size for Perfect Presentations

Easy Identification

Organizational Excellence

Convenient 20' Pack

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