Your faithful companion for bullet journaling, note-taking and sketching - our A5 size notebook with dots. With 160 pages and a precise layout, the dot grid offers an organized and at the same time playful approach.

On 90 g/m² paper, in ivory color, your ideas come to life with ease. Paper certified by FSC, free from optical brightening agents and acid-free.

The durable hard cover protects your notes, but also impresses with its elegance. The practical elastic closure keeps your pages secure in all situations.

Perfectly compact for your daily routines. Ideas, to-do lists or creative flights - this notebook offers the space you're looking for.

The color selection is enchanting: seaweed green, coral red and ocean blue. Inspiration for your everyday life.

And the best part? This notebook is sustainable. Made from recycled materials and produced with 100% renewable energy sources. The cover material, Toile Ocean, contains threads derived from ocean plastic - a testament to our commitment to environmental protection.

Explore the world of Notebook FROM THE OCEAN and let your thoughts come to life in the pages of this unique companion. Capture memories, shape your future or creatively express your personality. Your thoughts deserve this space.